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    Collection of Christmas fabrics

    The good moments at the family table 

  •  Textiles

     for your home.

  • Accessories

    Pillows, bedspreads, blankets

  • Producent firanek i tkanin dekoracyjnych - Polontex | Częstochowa
    Upholstery fabrics

    premium quality, beautiful, lasting

  • Voiles and jacquards
    Voiles and jacquards

     A delicate breath of subtlety

  • A beautiful story of fabrics
    A beautiful story of fabrics

    Infinite number of designs

  • Tablecloths, table runners, napkins
    Tablecloths, table runners, napkins

    We dress your tables

  • Magical atmosphere
    Magical atmosphere

    Charm the interior with our fabrics

Producent firanek i tkanin dekoracyjnych - Polontex | Częstochowa


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Producent firanek i tkanin dekoracyjnych - Polontex | Częstochowa

We are one of the largest private textile factories in Poland

For the love of beautiful things, passion for tradition and fascination with modernity, the perfect mix was created. POLONTEX S.A one of the largest producers and distributors of curtains and decorative fabrics in the country, which has formally existed since 1990, dates back to the old textile traditions developed as early as the 19th century. Since 1994, when POLONTEX took over CEBA , we have been working together towards creating a strong, reliable brand. We produce and sell jacquard and voile curtains for the Polish and foreign markets - classic and modern designs, various types of decorative fabrics, as well as table accessories and home furnishings. We focus on high production quality, follow the design trends, and cultivate the highest standards of customer service. Our products are available as part of B2B and retail cooperation both in our shops and on line via www.sklep.polontex.com.pl and www.magiafiran.pl

Sales of energy

As part of our operations, we also provide services in other sectors. Since 2014, POLONTEX S.A. has been dealing in the distribution and sale of electricity and providing services in the field of mechanical works, such as assembly, repairs and mechanical support of machinery and equipment, as well as mechanical regeneration services for metal elements of machinery and equipment, and welding.


POLONTEX S.A. offers office spaces and production halls prepared for rental. We also have investment plots intended for the construction of rental halls.

EU projects

POLONTEX S.A. participates in the implementation of several EU projects. They help us increase production capabilities, introduce new products and stimulate the company's development.


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Producent firanek i tkanin dekoracyjnych - Polontex | Częstochowa

Curtains, laces, tablecloths and fabrics for various purposes, as well as suggestions of ready- made products inspired by them are available on www.sklep.polontex.com.pl. We guarantee high quality products, competitive prices and professional service.

Producent firanek i tkanin dekoracyjnych - Polontex | Częstochowa
Magia Firan

A prestigious brand targeted at the most demanding clients who are looking for non-standard, innovative and beautiful solutions.
The offer includes curtains, laces and other textiles - exclusively prepared for the brand.