Who are we?

We are a company with 100% Polish capital.
We continue the 135-year tradition of the textile industry in Częstochowa.
Our brand has been known since 1990.

Nearly 30 years on the market

We build our potential on mutual trust and long-term relationships with our partners.
We understand the needs of our clients.
We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in the industry. We know how to do it.


We have been delivering excellent quality textiles for years. We cooperate with companies and individual customers. Our products are available in over 2,000 sales points in Poland, in most Western European countries, in the Middle East and both Americas. The secret of our success is the flexibility of production. We have a full production cycle located in one place, based on a systematically modernized machines.

We have been trusted by nearly 3,000 companies from Poland and about 200 companies from abroad.



Our production plant is located in the center of Częstochowa at ul. Rejtana 25/35, 300 meters from the dual carriageway road DK1, connecting Silesia with Warsaw and Łódź.
Guests in our factory are always welcome so visit us and become familiar with the wide range of products.


Our fabrics are made of polyester, polyamide yarns and blends with viscose, cotton and other yarns . Our collection consists of:

  • decorative knitted fabrics - traditional jacquard curtains and fancy yarns.
  • technical knitted fabrics - including carriers for printing.
  • decorative fabrics with a wide range of patterns - tablecloth and curtain, plain, jacquard, printed, dyed, colorfully woven.
  • clothing fabrics - tie, liturgical and corset.
  • technical fabrics – such as fabrics intended for strollers.

Our textiles accompany people in homes, work places, restaurants, cafes, as well as sacral and entertainment facilities.

We cooperate with domestic and foreign clients. We have several regional sales representatives at your disposal . For our best clients, we organize meetings, during which we present new products and run workshops in the field of decorative sewing.

We constantly improve and strive for perfection.

Technological potential

Over the last two years, we have invested over 4 million PLN in new machines and equipment. We bought a harness and jacquard loom from Dornier and Picanol, an MCS washing machine, two Karl Mayer knitting machines and several others. Thanks to these investments, we can follow the clients' requirements adding more innovative products.

  • Modern production departments
    * weaving mill - equipped with modern looms enabling the production of fabrics with various widths- up to 3.2 m, weight, weaves and patterns
    * knitting machine – equipped with modern knitting machines for the production of jacquard curtains, tablecloths, serviettes, table runners, cafe curtains, panels and technical knits.
    * finishing – equipped with various types of dyeing machines, a dryer-stabilizer, a coater, a transfer printer, a calender, a cutter and other finishing devices, which allow us to obtain various types of finishing
    * sewing room - equipped with sewing machines, providing services in the field of furnishing and interior decoration of restaurants, hotels and holiday resorts as well as individual orders for sewing and modeling
  • Research and development department
  • Factory laboratory
  • Design studio
  • Curtain modeling center

We have accomodated the entire production cycle in one place, from raw material purchase to professional customer service, to gain maximum control over the quality of our products.


All products manufactured by us are made in accordance with Polish and European quality standards, and used chemicals comply with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (WE) No. 1907/2006 REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals).

Our products are constantly subjected to testing, such as:

  • color fastness to light
  • resistance to pilling
  • resistance to abrasion
  • inflammability based on the intended use of the product
  • elemental migration and formaldehyde content
  • strength, elongation, number of twists,number of intermingle, herberlein crimp contraction , length variation due to boiling water, application of preparation
  • color fastness to dry rubbing, wet friction, washing, water, acidic and alkaline sweat
  • oleophobicity, hydrophobicity, water resistance
  • others, according to the client's needs.

We conduct tests in our laboratory and we certify in accredited laboratories:

  • Textile Institute in Łódź
  • Institute of Leather Industry in Łódź
  • Institute of Building Engineering in Warsaw

Human capital

People creating Polontex S.A. are experts in their fields. Their experience is based on knowledge of the industry accumulated and transmitted over centuries. With the implementation of new technologies, a team of qualified designers and technologists is constantly looking for new designs, materials and solutions. Our aim is to understand the needs of our clients and partners, so we can offer products and services conformable to their expectations.

We support the local labor market:

  • employing over 400 people from Częstochowa and the surrounding area
  • leasing space and facilities to approximately 70 business entities that employ over a thousand people
  • cooperating with the School of Fashion and Advertising Industries. W. S. Reymonta in Częstochowa



  • office space
  • production and warehouse halls
  • investment land

We have 23 hectares of land and 100,000 square meters of production halls.


We are distributing and selling electricity in accordance with the decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

We are not afraid of any challenges, so if you are looking for something specific - just write to us or visit our store.